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The Mini Frangipanis Show

Captivate your senses, with the Mini Frangipanis!

Agnetas latest collection of oil paintings - the Frangipanis - have been a great success over the summer 2018. The rich paintings have captivated people both in Torekov at the newly built La Casa del Mare, as well as in Showroom Stockholm and all over the world.

The Frangipani is a beautiful asian flower, famous not only for its expressiveness but also for blooming in the winter. Its scent is as most clear during the evening and night, and due to its beauty is very popular in bouquets. This flower perfectly embodies Agnetas latest collection, and we now welcome its blooming season - the winter - with a show!

Agneta is now hosting another of the appreciated shows, this time featuring the Mini Frangipanis! These pieces of art contain all the richness that Frangipani expresses, in a small format! So join us as the Frangipanis bloom, for our first winter show - the Mini Frangipanis show!

Place: Sibyllegatan 40, Stockholm

Time: 5-7 PM | 6 dec

The event is free of charge

Invitation is valid strictly for two people

Sparkling and fingerfood will be served by Fresh Catering

Big thanks to Stockholms Bordsuthyrning

Looking forward to meeting you!

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